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The Momentum of the People Stifled by the Political Hampster Wheel (Direct Action is the Miracle)

Last year in Madison thousands upon thousand of working class citizens of Wisconsin invaded the capitol to convey their disgust with, and opposition to, Scott Walkers bill banning the collective bargaining rights of public workers.  It takes no genius to realize that … Continue reading

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Anarcho-Syndicalism vs. Communism

Anarchists are convinced that it is futile to try to seize state power. In anarchistic thought the state is a tool of capitalism and cannot be revolutionary. It simply must be overthrown. The Communists are convinced that it is futile … Continue reading

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Solidarity Unionism

In January of 1905 a group of radical trade unionists, socialists, and anarchists convened in Chicago, IL to map out a new and revolutionary Union that could unite the many and discordant strands of the labor movement. After much debate … Continue reading

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