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Why I am Glad to Have Encountered the Spirit and Words of Jesus

Over the past 7 years or so I have taken a slow, and sometimes painful journey out of the strange realm of Evangelical Christianity.  At the age of 15 I encountered Jesus Christ and began to consider myself his disciple.  Over … Continue reading

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Power is the root of violence.

“If my kingdom were of “from, composed of the same character as the kingdom’s of” this world then my disciples would fight.”  – Jesus of Nazareth Today, mostly through a blog by my friend Joshua Lawson, I was reminded of … Continue reading

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My Journey Into the Peace Movement

I am an advocate for peace!  I do not believe that violence or war will ever be a sufficient or lasting answer to the ills and conflicts of the world.  I stand for peace with those of various faiths, with agnostics, and … Continue reading

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The Narrative of Jesus

The Evangelical World is famous for that distorting practice of “cutting and pasting” bible verses to prove a doctrine or make an argument.  The original evangelists of the christian faith did not choose this path when presenting Jesus Christ.  Instead, they … Continue reading

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