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Half Way Libertarian= Not Libertarian at all

Grassroots democracy at the political level!  Down with the monolithic state who robs the wealth we create!  End the wars and the  world policing that is costing us billions! These cries are often raised by a rising number of young … Continue reading

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Breaking Out of the Consumer Mindset

Lately, I have been gaining a greater awareness of the consumer mindset that pervades our culture.  When I go to the grocery store or to a restaurant I find myself paying closer attention to the attitudes, stress lines, and actions of … Continue reading

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The Weakness of Nationalism

We live in a contradictory society in more ways than one.  The contradiction of the day which we will look at is that of nationalism.  What do I mean by nationalism?  The idea that for some metaphysical reason I have … Continue reading

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Trade Unions: Wedded to the Enemy of Labor

The majority of American Trade Unions accept capitalism as a viable, and even desirable, system of production and distribution.  This would be perfectly logical if they were a union of business professionals or CEO’s or the local Chamber of Commerce.  These latter … Continue reading

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The Anarchy of Christianity

In the minds of most Christianity appears as a docile institution wedded to, in America at least, right-wing morality, patriotism, and capitalism.  For the traditional right-wing evangelical this is a thing to be proud of.  For those on the left-wing … Continue reading

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An Alternative Unionism

Recently, the state of Michigan became the 24th right to work state. Governor Rick Snyder decided to sign into law a bill passed by the Republican controlled congress and house, despite the fact that he previously stated that “right to … Continue reading

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Is the Soviet Union Proof of the Failure of Communism?

In modern America it goes without saying that Communism has failed. To suggest it as a viable system is no longer anathema as it was during the height of the cold war. Instead, Communism is relegated to the mournless death … Continue reading

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