Bread and Roses Strike 1

January stands as a prominent month in labor history.  This January, 2013, marks the 108th anniversary of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), as well as the 101st anniversary of the “Bread and Roses Strike” at the textile mills of Lawrence, Massuchusetts.  This well known strike was organized by the IWW and was led primarily by immigrant women.  The American Federation of Labor (AFL), and the United Textile Workers (UTW) tried to end the strike but were overridden by the rank-and-file workers and their own chosen immigrant leaders.  That being said,  the purpose of this particular offering is not to go into great depth into the history of the “Bread and Roses” strike.  Rather, I want to speak of the significance of the idea of “Bread and Roses” and what that means to the Unions and workers of today.

It was quite possible, even probable, that the workers at this particular…

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Hello Blogging World. My name is Andrew Wehrheim. I am married to my beautiful wife Katie. We have a wonderful son named Andrew Peter, a.k.a "Buzz". We are in the process of moving from Lancaster, OH to Milwaukee, WI. I am a working class man. I have worked in the grocery industry the past four years. I am drawn to a deeper experience of community and long for a world of justice and love. Word out.
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