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Paying Attention to the Political Life of Jesus

Jesus Christ was involved with politics!  Such a statement will draw many reactions from different kinds of people.  Some, who major on the “spiritual” side of things, may vehemently oppose such a thought!  Others, both on the right and on … Continue reading

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Paying Attention to the Human Life of Jesus

“JESUS CAME TO DIE”.  How many times have you heard that?  That line is probably uttered by thousands of preachers at Christmas services around the world.  People come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but just in case they … Continue reading

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Does the State have the right to define marriage?

One of the hot social topics to arise in this years GOP race is that of homosexual marriage.  Most republicans, taking the common conservative stand on the issue, believe in passing a federal ammendment defining marriage as a union between … Continue reading

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An Invitation to follow this Rabbi is an Invitation to Join Community

A casual observing of the Four Gospels contained in the Christian Scriptures can see that an invitation to follow the Rabbi Jesus was an invitation to join a community.  When Jesus called a person to follow him in the pages … Continue reading

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Is God a Subject to be Learned or a Being to be Experienced?

Today as I was outside with my son at a nearby park I sensed the nearness of God.  The Sun was shining bright and I was standing near the bank of a little rushing creek.  There was an experience of … Continue reading

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